Polymer Modified Asphalt Lab Equipment


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DMI PMLAB offers the possibility of producing small quantities of Polymer Modified Asphalt material . It avoids waisting great amount of material and economic losses when implementing or adjusting new formulation. The PMLAB produces Lab scale samples for bitumen modified asphalt Specifications Value Main load vessel volume, liters 24 Minimum bitumen load in vessel, liters 10 Maximum bitumen load in vessel, liters 12 Modified bitumen preparation process Dispersion of bitumen and polymer in mill Pump capacity, l/min 30 Max temperature of bitumen preparation, °C 190 Minimum bitumen input temperature, °C 160 Heating of liquid in the tank and pipelines By heat carrier Heater power, kW 4.8 Controls Manual Component controls Automation assisted Max power consumption, kW 15 Dimensions (L/W/H), mm 1630/770/1800 Max weight, kg 420


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