Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant


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POLYMER MODIFIED BITUMEN PLANT 8 , 12 & 18 m3/hour Is designed for stream production of modified bitumen (continuous operation unit). The rated capacity of the unit is 12 cubic meters per hour. When preparing modified bitumen, USB-3 unit allows using any modifiers known as of today, including crumb rubber and various special additives along with all known SBS-polymers which can be fed in the form of granules, powder, and liquid. The unit makes it possible to implement new formulations of modified bitumen which involve adhesion additives and plasticizers. The unit can be optionally completed with the following components: sulfur feeder; polyphosphoric acid feeder; Big-bag monorail hoist; weighing batcher; compressor; the mill can be completed with a mechanical seal including a support system.


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